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About the residency program

AiR invitation 2021


Face-to-face or via e-mail.

We attend some festivals (such as Rencontres d´Arles, and others), and if you have the opportunity, please make an appointment with us there, for a review. We ask that you bring to the table your portfolio, and any thoughts and ideas you may have for the residency period, should you be selected.

If you wish to apply via e-mail, please send us any information you feel is relevant, some images or link to website, and your thoughts for the residency. There is no form to fill in, but we need your application by end of June each year, and the selection will be made for the following year.

E-mail address: oh@oyvindhjelmen.com

What are we looking for?

In short: good quality, good thoughts and good people.

Also, we feel it is important to have diversity; artists working in different directions, with different expressions. Each year we pre-select 12 applicants for a shortlist, and this shortlist will be announced the second or third week of July. The final selection of 6 artists to be invited for the residency the following year, will be announced by the end of August.

We look forward to your application!

About the Residency Program

Final selection for 2020:

Due to unforseen circumstances Jessica Hines’ and Andy Mattern’s stay will be postponed to 2021, by their choice. Philippe Braquenier will not be able to come either. These have been replaced by Roselien Hassing,  Robert  Harding Pittman and Richard Pétit from the shortlist. In May 2020 we expect to welcome: Roselien Hassing, Tim Parchikov and Richard Pétit In August 2020 we welcome Sanne de Wilde/Benedicte Kurzen, Robert Harding Pittman and Klara Sophie Ludvigsen.

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